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Data de nascimento: 1979-09-20

Short bio

Rubiane Maia is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice occupies the intersection between performance, video and installation. She is attracted by states of synergy, encompassing the invisible relationships of affect and flux, and investigates the body in order to amplify the possibilities of perception beyond the habitual. More recently, she has been studying the processes of telekinesis based on the interdependency between bodies, objects and natural forces; memory, gender and ancestry, often making use of personal narratives as a device for action and resistance. She completed a degree in Visual Arts and a Master degree in Institutional Psychology at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Brazil). In the last years she years she has participated in meetings, festivals and residences in Brazil and the world. She was born in Caratinga (MG), but lives and works between Vitória (ES), Brazil and Folkestone, United Kingdom.

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