Temporada de Performance

International Performance Meeting

Temporada de Performance

International Performance Meeting

Farol Galeria de Arte e AçãoPAErschep.ARTE

Organized in colaboration by plataforms PAErsche from Germany Farol Arte e Ação and p.ARTE from Curitiba. Between November 30th to December 9th, 2018 happens this event as an international meeting of performance in Curitiba with workshops, talks, theory and performances presentations. Artists and organizers from Brasil, Germany, Argentine and Chile.

About PAErsche

PAErsche is the working title of the Aktionslabor, which was founded in 2010 and is supported by around 30 artists from the Rhineland / Ruhr regions and neighbouring countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.

PAErsche is the embodiment of realized desire, establishing a network of different performance artists from various cultural platforms and media organisations who live and breathe performance art and assimilate this with heart and soul.

PAErsche won´t be a fixed group or an ensemble. The framework offered by an open laboratory allows PAErsche to be a bridge between generations: both young and old artists operate together in the space and time provided by the laboratory.

PAErsche members:

Boris Nieslony, Carola Willbrand, Christiane Obermayr, Evamaria Schaller, Karin Meiner, Elke Mark, Marita Bullmann, Rolf Hinterecker, Thomas Reul, Anja Plonka, Anja Ibsch, Beatrice Didier, Constantin Schädle, Alice de Visscher, Mark Met, Michael Dick, Anne-Louise Hoffmann, Irmgard Himst-edt, Frank Homeyer, Susanne Helmes, Petra Deus, Lala Nomada, Waltraud Caspari-Philipps, Ute-Marie Paul. 


PAErsche | Essen, Germany

  • Boris Nieslony
  • Karin Meiner
  • Evamaria Schaller
  • Marita Bullmann
  • Thomas Reul

Peras de Olmo | Buenos Aires, Argentine

  • Graciela Ovejero Postigo

Perfolink | Santiago do Chile, Chile

  • Alexander Del Re

Galeria Farol Arte e Ação | Curitiba, Brazil

  • Amabilis de Jesus
  • Adriana Tabalipa
  • Bernadete Amorim
  • Denise Bandeira
  • Elisa Cordeiro de Britto
  • Erica Storer
  • Fábia Regina
  • Fernando Ribeiro
  • Fran Ferreira
  • Gio Soifer
  • Graciela Ovejero Postigo
  • Leo Fressato
  • Maria Inês Gutiérrez
  • Mariana Barros
  • Thalita Sejanes

p.ARTE | Curitiba, Brazil

  • Fernando Ribeiro
  • Lidia Ueta & Melina Mulazani
  • Patricia Saravy
  • Erica Storer



Nov 30th to Dec 2nd 2017

PAErsche LAB – Workshop

Place: Companhia Brasileira de Teatro


performance art

Dec 05th — tuesday

p.ARTE at University

Artists talk: Lidia Ueta (Curitiba, Brazil), Graciela Ovejero Postigo (Argentine) and PAErsche artists.
Place: EMPAP – Sede Comendador Macedo Sala 24C. R. Comendador Macedo, 254.
Free Tickets

performance art

Dec 6th — wednesday

p.ARTE #35

Performances presentations: Fernando Ribeiro (Curitiba, Brazil), Lidia Ueta & Melina Mulazani (Curitiba, Brazil) e Graciela Ovejero Postigo (Argentine)
Place: Bicicletaria Culttural
R. Presidente Faria, 226, Centro, Curitiba
Ticket: R$ 10,00

performance art

08.12 — sexta-feira

p.ARTE #36

Performances presentations: Patricia Saravy (Curitiba, Brazil), Erica Storer (Curitiba, Brazil) e Alexander del Re (Chile)
Place: Bicicletaria Culttural
R. Presidente Faria, 226, Centro, Curitiba
Tickets: R$ 10,00

performance art

09.12 — sábado

Festa – Alternate DJs

The TEMPORADA DE PERFORMANCE is connected to Alternate DJs, an independent party of electronic music working since 2002 in the Curitiba's underground scene.
R. Benjamin Constant, 400
Centro — Curitiba
Ticket: R$ 10,00

performance art

PAErsche — http://paersche.org

Perfolink — http://www.perfolink.org

Peras De — http://perasdeolmo.blogspot.com.br

Galeria Farol Arte e Ação: http://www.farolshow.com.br/

Companhia Brasileira de Teatro — http://www.companhiabrasileira.art.br

Boris Nieslony — Archiving — www.blackkit.org

History of Performance Art — http://gerhard_dirmoser.public1.linz.at/A0/Perform_Basis06_A0_en_last.pdf