Know about the performance artists who participated of p.ARTE

Data de nascimento: 1979-10-10

Short Bio

Performance artist and historian. Specialist in Técnica Klauss Vianna, by PUC-SP, where he carried out research on site-specific. Graduate of History, by FFLCH, USP. He believes that the art of performance deals with irreversible processes, acts of the now that bring us closer to death. It is the clash with the nature of time. The power of action is established in the friction of context with matter. Participated in several Festivals: Laplataformance, São Paulo-SP, 2016; ESCALA 1:1, Palmas-TO, 2017; VESPA, Belo Horizonte-MG, 2016; MIP3, Belo Horizonte- MG, 2016; Corpus Urbis, Macapá-AP, 2016; Exposição de Artes Visuais e Performance “Mulheres a Caminho”, Campinas-SP, 2017; Performe-se: Fronteiras Borradas/ Fronteiras Erguidas, Vitória-ES, 2017; Curto-Circuito de Performance, Chapecó-SC, 2017; Catapulta#4, Casa de Zuleika, São Paulo-SP, 2017; Presença Permeável, Praça das Artes, São Paulo-SP, 2017; Performulárias, São Paulo, SP, 2018.