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Data de nascimento: 1985-03-15

Short bio

Ludmila is a performer, teacher, and, since 2008, organizer of the Apartment Festivals. She teaches at the Maringá State University since 2013 and has organized, within this institution, since 2014, “Bastards: performance and pedagogical tactics”, in which students undertake performative actions and enjoy the presence of performers invited to talk about their creation process. She has also performed in SESC units (Palmas – TO, Santos – SP and Campinas – SP), alongside group La Pocha Nostra, at the “II Encuentro Latinoamericano de Investigadores/as sobre cuerpos y corporalidades en las culturas” (Bogotá – Colombia), and has attended independent initiatives such as SEU (Semana Experimental Urbana – Porto Alegre – RS), Ruído.Gesto Ação&Performance (Rio Grande – RS), Corpus Urbis (Macapá – AP) and in 2016, completed a PhD in Scenic Arts at Campinas State University – SP. In 2018 she released, under publisher Appris, the book “Performance Arte: modos de existência”.

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