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Data de nascimento: 1981-07-07

Short bio

Brazilian artist that have worked with Theatre, Dance and Performance arts.

The public and the self are the main concern of her precise experimental endeavors.

Graduated in Performing arts at FAP - Faculdade de Artes do Paraná in 2006 and Post-graduated in Contemporary Arts at TUIUTI do Paraná (2009)

 Some of her performative work: Pública (2008), Sem Título (2013), I’m Still Here (2013), NOW (2014)

At the moment her main project is VENTO NOVE (regarding ayurvedic healing)

In the past few years her art experiments resulted in carefully reduced performances found of the domestic and the solitudes of the everyday life.

These unfinished productions are storing, waiting for the moment of sharing and publishing. She calls for collaboration works and accept invitations for art shows.

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