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Data de nascimento: 1984-05-08

Biografia curta

Jo Mistinguett is a Dj, sound designer, music producer (composing originals soundtracks), performer and researcher of new technologies and new ways to perceive sounds and sounds experiences. Studied discotheque and music production at AIMEC (Academia Internacional de Música Eletrônica de Curitiba) in 2005 and Omid's Music Program in São Paulo in 2013. Since 2007 keeps her musical project Mistinguett Live, which has already launched many albuns and videos independently. In 2012 teached at Ápex Music Production Course. Winner of the London's Burning Award in 2007 for Best Independent Electronic Music Album of the Country (Brasil), nominated to Tim's Music Award in 2008, and nominated in 2017 to Troféu Gralha Azul as Best Sound Designer with the theater spectacle Contos de Nanook. Currently is one of the women of the feminist band Horrorosas Desprezíveis and resident artist of Casa Selvática.

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