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Data de nascimento: 1991-05-27

Short bio

Graduated in product design (Universidade Positivo) and post graduated in Visual Poetics (EMBAP). Studied performance at Berufsverband Bildender Künstler, BBK (Berlim, 2014). Eduardo made art residencies in the Bauhaus-Universitat (Germany, 2010) and in Hochschule Wismar (Germany, 2013). Participated in ZAZ Festival of performance in Bamat Meizag (Tel Aviv, 2017). The work of the artist is created from propositions / devices / actions that involve installations, sculpture and performance. Through imersive approach in cultural and antropological contexts, the artist is motivated from questions like legacy and tradition, specially jewish questions into the contemporary society, and how the art field can be a conservatory and transmissor of these subjects.

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