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Data de nascimento: 1977-03-01

Short bio

I completed my Ph.D. in Art History at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA (2017). Previously, I got an M.A. in Museum Studies from Southampton University, England (2002), and an M.A. in Technology and Society from the Federal Technology University of Paraná, Brazil (2009). As an undergrad, I studied Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (2000). Besides academic research, I have contributed to museum projects in England, the United States, and Brazil. Recently, I finished a postdoctoral research on the history of artistic techniques in Brazil at the Moreira Salles Institute (Rio de Janeiro). I have been involved with p.Arte since 2018. This partnership has inspired my interest in performance art as well as in the international networks that artists create in order to promote a practice that still receives little institutional support.