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Data de nascimento: 1981-06-18

Biografia curta

Maíra Vaz Valente (São Bernardo do Campo / SP, 1981) is graduated in Visual Arts at ECA / USP (2009) and works as artist, educator and researcher. Her proposals belong at the performatic filds, that from the visuality invites her audience to take part of pieces and actions. In 2007 founded the study group NAP (Núcleo Aberto de Performance) and coordinated until 2012, later, between 2015-2016 she worked at La Plataformance (colaborative platform in performace art) and sice 2017 became a collaborator of p.Arte. As a researcher she is currently interested and working on the "Situations for a historiography of art performance in Brazil", develped during your posgraduation in “Brazilian Studies” by School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (FESPSP). As educator, works in non-formal spaces for art education, also managing workshops and courses on performance and urban intervention since 2008.

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