Know about the performance artists who participated of p.ARTE

Data de nascimento: 1984-12-16

Biografia curta

Fausto Gracia, born in Queretaro, Mexico. Visual Artist and Performer. Since 2007, his work focuses on process performance and explores the relationship of the body as a tool of expression and communication to context. He has presented his work in festivals, art centers, galleries, museums and public spaces in Mexico,  Latin America. and Europe. Examples: International Arts Festival in Montreal, Canada 2009, International Biennial of Performance Deformes in Santiago, Chile 2012, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Visible Invisibility, Queretaro, Mexico 2013, MPA-B Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014, MOLA Latin Performance Encounter, Salvador, Brazil 2015. p.Arte Mostra de Performance Art, Curitiba, Brazil 2016, Symposium Being in Public, Belfast-Nort Ireland 2017. Wake Festival - Performance Space, Folkestone, England 2017. Performance Festival por la vi(d)a Maria Teresa Hincapié, Armenia Colombia 2018.  It was Beneficiary Incentives Program for Development and Artistic Creation 2012-2013 CONACULTA, Mexico. He has made artistic residences in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Ireland. He has taught workshops at the Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mex. 2012, The Institute of Culture and Arts Queretaro, Mex. 2013, National University of La Rioja, Argentina 2013, Artist Research Center "El Patio Martín de los Heros" Madrid, Spain 2014, House Perpendicular Center, MG Brazil 2015, Artist Research Center AT|AL|609 , Campinas SP, Brazil  2016, "Torta" Independent space of contemporary art, Campinas SP Brazil 2017, at the  Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mex. 2018. Currently works at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro in the Department of Innovation and Cultural Creativity.