p.ARTE – Mostra de Performance Art is an independent event with exclusive focus in performance art. founded in 2012 by the artists Fernando Ribeiro e Tissa Valverde, the p.ARTE promote performance art in Brazil providing a space for artists presentation in the same time creating a space for audience contact this art. 

p.ARTE happens in Curitiba, southern Brazil, as a monthly event. Because this p.ARTE is a unique event on the country and had in its space the presentation of national and international artists.

p.ARTE is curated by Fernando Ribeiro and co-curated by Tissa Valverde and Henrique Saidel.


Bicicletaria Cultural

Inaugurated on August 19, 2011, The Bicicletaria Cultural is a support center for cyclists and cultural space works on self-management, with services and book culture for all ages, focusing on the interaction of the public, ages and interests. So far are more than 90 events and public celebrations focused on the art and education [informal], and especially the support and development of bike culture, to add to the cyclists and the general public, information and experience in a multidisciplinary environment.

The house works 12 hours daily from 7:30 to 19:30 from Monday to Saturday with extension to events, has a capacity of 200 people, 50 bicycles in 300m2 of total area divided by mini gallery, rooms courses, garage, parking, patio, pantry and basement.

Managed by bike activists active in cultural and art scene, the Cultural bike shop is a reference when it comes to popular mobilization, private sector and strength demands for Curitiba community.

Website: http://bicicultural.com



Bicicletaria Cultural

  • Rua Pres. Faria, 226 – Subsolo – Centro – Curitiba/PR Brazil
  • +55 41 3153 0022
  • website


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